Index of the Children

Sixth child of GEORGE and AGNES.

May Agnes did not marry and cared for her parents till their deaths in 1944, and then had several people to board with her until she became ill in the 1980's.

She was a keen tennis player and she cared greatly for her fellow man. She was, for many years, a member of the Moree District Hospital Ladies Auxiliary and a great worker for her church. To her family of nieces, nephews, cousins, grandnieces and grandnephews she was a much loved friend.

She kept close contact with all branches of the family and had a wealth of knowledge about all of them. Unfortunately, I left it too late to obtain this information as she became ill just when I started this work and was admitted to hospital suffering with cancer and did not come out.

She was the only one of the family not born in Warialda, being born in Goondiwindi.

Her home was always an open house and always a happy place.

One of her memories of the early days at Plantation was that of polishing the large dining room floor. None of the family liked doing it but because she was the youngest, it more often became her job. The floor had to be polished with sour milk, not a very pleasant job but one which gave a good shine and which helped to preserve the floor.

She died in August, 1984, a great loss to us all and all we could do was say thanks for a wonderful life, well lived and someone missed by all who knew her.



The basis of information contained in this file is taken from the book
BURLINGS SPREAD YOUR WINGS, A History of the Descendants of Allan and Mary Burling. (nee Peachey),
compiled and researched by Wilfred James Burling.
First Edition, 1991: ISBN: 0 86428 115 3: Copyright 1991: With additional updates as supplied

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